Annals of the Greffenii, Twenty Eleven

Hi Everyone,

Our family has experienced some big changes this year – at the extremes of happy and sad, and in-between, too.

Rob and Jess were married this year in Chicago, where Jess grew up and where her parents still live. Leslie wore non-smearing mascara, which weathered severe tests. It was a wonderful wedding, if also a little bitter-sweet for us: Rob left home years ago, but the wedding marked the formal end of his childhood. It was hard to say goodbye to that. Fortunately, Jess is as intelligent and fun and caring as she is beautiful. We love her and feel blessed to have another daughter (and sister).

This spring also, Steve resigned his position as technical publications manager at Conexant. Shortly thereafter, he went to work with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In one of life’s surprises, he joined a team that will design a prototype of the Massachusetts healthcare initiative for use by the other forty-nine states – from printer chips to health care reform in one short summer!

Emily, 13, still rides horses and dances competitively. She loves school, but acknowledges it would be much better without the classes.

Sadly, Steve’s dad died of multiple myeloma in June, at age 86, two months after Rob and Jess were married.  Especially when considered in retrospect, his attendance at their wedding, involving several hours of traveling cramped up in a car, was heroic. His immune system was weak and his doctors advised him to avoid crowds, but he would not be stopped.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year!

Leslie, Steve, Rob, and Emily

Wedding Photograph, April 9, 2011: Thanks to the strong young men present, we rode high above the crowd during one of the dances. Leslie smiles, but holds onto her chair for dear life. Note Steve, opposite, triumphant.

Holiday Photograph, December 27, 2011. Top Row, from left: Ellen, Willem, Laura, Emily, Leslie, David. Bottom Row, from left: Jess, Rob, Steve.

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